cab-edmsCABiNET eDMSS is for every PC user, who wants an electronic Document Management Solution to securely store and easily retrieve the documents that run their business. Paper, toner, and hardware add up cost and also the amount of employee time wasted by inefficient document filing.

CABiNET eDMSS enables you to quickly scan paper items such as receipts, forms, tax returns, payment slips, bills, letters, tax information, memos, investments statements, contracts, certificates, mortgage deeds, warranties etc and can manage, archive and share. It also provides customisable profiles for scanning various documents.

CABiNET eDMSS can be used in every business / personal application and limited only by the imagination. Below are some of the applications/ business where CABiNET may be deployed for Document Management:

  • Personal file management / Home PC
  • Doctors’ clinic / Nursing Homes / Hospitals
  • Architects
  • Building Contractors
  • Auditors’ office
  • cabpapLawyers’ office
  • Showrooms / Traders
  • Consultants
  • Banks/Financial institutions/Insurance Companies
  • Educational Institutions /Universities
  • All Companies / Small to Corporate
  • All kind of manufacturing industries
  • DTP Centres/ Presses /Studios