CABiNET allows you to organize your documecabfuturents and provides a search to find the document you need without wasting any time. It allows a SINGLE search to locate the information and details you seek in all of your documents.

CABiNET also allows a powerful ADVANCED search for quickly finding all matching details you store along with documents, from standard word processing, spreadsheet and presentation files, to scanned paper, PDF documents and photos.


  • Cabinets, Drawers and Files architecture
  • Unlimited documents storage.
  • Store all type of documents
  • Create multiple references
  • Create your own captions for the references cabuttl
  • Store special notes on your documents
  • Give titles to your documents
  • All-in-One search
  • Advanced search using titles, references
  • Direct interface for Scanner
  • Store Clippings from clipboard
  • Transfer any files to Cabinet
  • Scan to JPEG / PDF / TIFF
  • Unlimited Drawers and multiple Cabinets (model dependent)
  • Scan to multiple page PDF
  • Unlimited Cabinets (XLM and above only)
  • File check-out and check in 
  • Database Option: MS Access / My-SQL (XLM and above only)
  • Works in cloud using Third-party RDP components 
  • FTP file transfer (XLM and above only)
  • Easy ODBC interface to other applications (XLM and above only)