Information Technology has made tremendous changes the way business is done during the last decade. Businesses depend on quick and smooth access to millions of pieces of information every day. Information in the form of paper, office documents, faxes, e-Mails, Web content, audio/visual clips and more is all being exchanged at a rapid pace. Companies operate from multiple locations, employees travel and telecommute, and customers, partners and suppliers can be anywhere in the world.

Like many of the promised wonders of the Internet age, the paperless office never happened. Companies are printing more than ever. Bulk of the business critical information is still contained on paper documents. Why is it that the majority of businesses today still stuff their documents in a file cabinet to be misfiled, lost or destroyed by fire or disaster?

Organisations need a way to securely store and easily retrieve the information contained in the documents that run their business. Paper, toner, and hardware add up, as does the amount of employee time wasted by inefficient document solutions. Industry analyst IDC estimates that Fortune 500 companies lose $12 billion each year because they are unable to adequately manage and exploit unstructured content.

Most of the companies struggle with processing vast quantities of paper documents and integrating them with other applications. PSL developed wonderful solution to solve this problem. We would like you to imagine the possibilities of accessing your documents anywhere while you completely focus on your core competencies at the same time collaborate with customers and partners. It is vital that information be instantly available to employees, field personnel, partners and clients when they need it, or even before they know they need it, with as little hands-on effort as possible. At the same time, it is imperative that only the right people have access to private business information. All these can be achieved in a secured and protected environment using our Document Management System.

PSL provide complete range of Document Management Solutions. The software called CABiNET is introduced in the market to cater the need of the Small Office to Large Corporates who are looking for the complete range of solutions including the ODBC interfaces with other applications.