Top 5 Reasons

TOP 5 Reasons to Buy CABiNET today

1. Work from Anywhere

CABiNET stores and organizes copies of whatever documents you want to archive for easy retrieval. Improve accessibility to your DIGITAL OFFICE for accessing authorized person by touch of a button from anywhere. Perfect for your home office, front office, back office, school work, photos, hobbies, crafts, finance, and more!

2. Better Security and Stop Losing important Documents

Once a paper document is filed electronically in CABiNET, it will never be lost under a desk, damaged, or accidentally thrown away or reaching unwanted people. Your digital documents will always be available and you can easily back up to your own device or FTP. Also get protected from natural disasters by keeping multiple backups.

3. Save money by searching Less

Improve productivity by searching less. Often employee time gets wasted by inefficient document filing whether it is electronically or manually. CABiNET helps you find any document. Just type in a word or phrase and CABiNET will bring up the right document, right away!

4. Save Money by Printing Less

CABiNET saves money by printing less and saving space of manual filing Cabins, Record Room etc. Paper, toner, and hardware costs add up to the cost of printing along with employee time. Save your online receipts, articles and other Web pages that you normally print for archiving.

5. Better Customer Care

Increases the overall productivity and undoubtedly leads to better earnings.