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DIGITAL OFFICE, the ENVIRONMENT you always dream, where your vital information is organised and stored electronically and easily accessible. The whole World is moving towards total digitization so also our country. It is the time every business has to go for DIGITAL some way or other to improve the efficiency and profitability. Our Team will help the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Professionals like Lawyers, Auditors, Business Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Clinics, Builders, Architects etc to setup their Digital Office to excel in their services.

Today we get almost all acknowledgements, payment receipts, bills, demands, card statements, tax return acknowledgements, insurance policy, diagnostic results, scanned images, audio/visual clips etc online and every one requires a handy solution to store these precious documents for easy retrieval. Imagine your documents are stored compressed and encrypted and accessed with user rights! It is secured and encrypted and can be centrally backed up easily.

CABiNET provides a complete range of solutions for Document Management including the Workflow Management for Office Automation. CABiNET got a seamless integration with popular Software like TALLY and some of the leading Pharma and Clinical products. It is also providing very interesting developer tools for integrating with different applications.



CABiNET will share your files with anyone, anywhere, regardless of the program, platform or operating system. Read more….

TOP 5 Reasons

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Explore more on Document Management System, the Product and its modules. Read more….

Interface to Tally

CABiNET eDMSS is interfaced with TALLY accounting software for instant ON-SCREEN document reference!    Read more….