It will be pertinent to talk about one DMS software (Cabinet edmss) which is very suitable for professional firms


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CABiNET eDMSS: Expandable and Scalable Solution for Current and Future needs of Businesses



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I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act. 

– Bill Gates


Organizations need methods to securely store and easily retrieve the information contained in the documents they produce and handle every day. The amount of employee time most of our businesses waste through inefficient document management practices in enormous. Industry analysts estimate that Fortune 500 companies lose as much as $12 billion each year because they are unable to adequately manage or exploit the information locked in their archived documents.

– Albert Kadosh
Chief Executive Officer,
Bilingual Software, USA.


Most companies struggle to process vast quantities of paper documents and to integrate them with other applications. PSL developed a wonderful solution to solve this problem. You can imagine the possibility of accessing your documents from anywhere while you focus on your core competencies. And it is all the more important that only authorized individuals have access to these vital information. CABiNET eDMSS provides a complete range of Document and Workflow Management Solutions and every Information Technology User will love to find an application for it.


Thindiyote Jayaprakash,
CEO and Managing Director,
PSL Management Software Technology Pvt. Limited, INDIA.